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New Testament in depth of mind and heart
English version (Английская версия)

This is unprofessional translation from Russian. It should be understood in a spiritual sense.

New Testament in depth of mind and heart
The Lord, bless us!
According to The Scripture, The Lord covenants to His disciples to write the laws of Grace in the depth of mind and heart. I will live inside them, and I will be their God and they will be the My people. But who will and how the new law of Grace will be reported to the soul?
>> David tells in the Book of Psalms "My tongue is the cane - (Law) of scribe - a ready writer, is fair more then human sons are. As the Grace is coming out from My lips." According to Scripture, the only Ioann Theologian can open the mysteries of the Gospel to the mankind. - "This is Your Mother, this is Your Son", Savior gave up the Spirit on the Cross - "It is finished!". Origin and progeny of David - Ioann Theologian - will be in the circle of time to report the Grace of resurrection to the inner man, who has the Divine nature. The Tongue is the stick and pen. When Ioann Theologian tells the Word, which content in Itself the Spirit, the Water and the Blood, s he writes by Spirit of lip the New Testament in the mind and at heart by God Word (the Verbal Law of eternal life precept). It is Spiritual heavenly diktat and The Book of the Spirit Life, and voice from heaven. Revelation explains that Ioann Theologian ate the Book of life, and the Book of new world creation is formed inside him. And when he tells the Truth - God Word, at that time the Book of the everlasting Gospel is written in other man by Spirit of lips. It means the Light is from the Light, the Truth is from theTruth.
>>Scientific second Adam is God from the sky - the Living Spirit. He has the DNA of God, exhaling Gospel Light in the Verbal Law. It is the Eucharist of the Divine Nature by Spirit, Water and Blood, in the "eating" of the everlasting Gospel, Living Book, which gradually manifested in mind and at heart when men execute this law of Grace. Ioann Theologian is the forefather of the New Christianity, which revived from the sky Parents.
>> Mount Calvary - Crucifixion of Christians – is the border zone between old and new world. Therefore, He revealed the Word and Son from the Father bowel. Angel of Fire went out from the credence table and Altar, it means Ioann Theologian has been appeared - Eagle of the theology. He tells the Truth - the Word of the Almighty. There is conception of celestial Blood in this Word, which come into the heart by Verbal Law and lets to know the heavenly Father - the Deity of heaven. Partakers of the Divine Nature.
>> The seven Angels, the seven Chalices, the seven Seals, the seven Thunders, the seven Lights, the seven Stars, the seven Churches - these are seven Creative Spirits of Christ. The evolution of mankind improvement has being lasted this way. A number eight shows the fullness of God's creation, the completion of God's dispensation inside the man. Spiritual leaders must learn of Christ the Saviour in heavenly Teaching and pass their childs beneath their church under the Gospel Preaching, to pass to one Shepherd - Christ the Savior, the guardian of our souls - "I am and children are."
>> The Light has been ignited in a a man's heart by His Grace, by mighty power of the Gospel preaching. The Gospel Star is forming. The disciples of the risen Jesus Christ should shine around Him and for Him. Ioann Theologian has been given the power to shift lights or abolish the church, if they are not able to hear the heavenly Bell. There are seven Stars in His right hand - the whole world patriarchate. All the representatives and the teachers of the church, all the ministers and business of christians are led by Him in forever Kingdom, as well as in heaven and on earth. His Flaming seven eyes - vision of the Spirit - all the most secret are seen in the man: The Sword of His lips is the pervasive power of the Word of God, which is sharper than any two-edged sword penetrating even to dividing soul and spirit, members and brain, and judge the thoughts and the intentions of the heart. (4. Art. 12 - 16). His foot like Halkalivanu - means unshakeable approval of His sovereignty over the world . He is the first and the last, means - eternal, the centuries are created by Him, the Alpha and the Omega and the infinite. Alpha - is the beginning of the first hour of this new century, the beginning is perpetrated by Him. Omega - is the last hour of the old century. Mount Calvary -means а bid farewell to old world, old man and transferring to the new century, a new being, a new heaven and new earth. "I make all things new" – means a new creature in Christ.After the resurrection all authority in heaven of mind and on earth of the human heart is given to Christ, as The Tsar and The Head of the Universal Apokalipsis Church, the Temple of His Body, the Almighty all the new world, created by Him. "Not that universe which world gives you. But this universe which I give you."
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