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The David’s Root and offspring. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy spirit, amen. Lord, Bless

Jesusgave up theSpiriton the Mount Calvary. To confirm it the warrior struck the edge, and Blood and Water had been out. The saint Dmitry Rostov explains that John the Theologian had mistaken, because the blood can be out from  alive person, but when the person is dead - should be clotted blood. And then - "this disciple has written and testifies and his testimony is true." Let's see what is it, "his testimony is true, "John the Theologian tells Truth. He testifies, but we cannot understand the Sky Law yet. The created man has a clotted blood, but the Jesus Christ’s   blood is alive. The first Adam was created from the earth, and Eve is created from his ribs. And new Adam - John the Theologian –was born (not created)from the Edges of the heavenly Christ, from the heavenly seed of the God The Word - the Bride of Christ, the heavenly Church. The new Adam – God The Word  - is reviving from the celestial prophecy blood – there is a birth of the new creature in Christ from the Ribs of Christ the Savior. The first Adam is from the earth, and the second Adam is the God of heaven (1 Cor. 15  of Art. 47 – 50).
Holy Scripture is explained with respect to time. We should be born from the Ribs of Christ the Savior. Jesus Christ has come by the Spirit, the Water the Blood. He is The Propitiation - is the Blood of the New Testament. The Water washes the sin, Blood gives rise the Christ in our soul, and the Spirit gives life – it is resurrection inside man.
         One of the Angels is coming with sickle on the cloud, the second one has seal of the living God, the third one has crown, the fourth one is coming from the temple, and this is Angel of Fire. Angel of Fire or John the Theologian came from sacrifice of Christon the Cross and from Altar.
 "From Altar” means the servant of the Word, and "from sacrifice of Christon the Cross” means - is from Blood of Christ the Savior (2 Efes of Art. 13 – 19).
Creative and the court's Word means God’s Lamb, which takes sin of the world. True Word – we are baptized into you.
The True Word, give us to be communion by you. Christ is the new Easter - the resurrection of the dead souls by the Voice of the Original new Adam on Cross in the Gospel Preaching. Christ came by Cross to all over the world (2 Efes, Art. 12 – 19). New Man has come from the Rib of Christ the Savior and explains Tribunal to all people in the Gospel Preaching. "In the beginning the Word was”.  God is without beginning. He has neither the beginning nor the end of the life. But man needs the beginning – The beginning of the knowledge about God (1 Cor. of Art. 34). He needs the beginning of birth from God (1 John, Art. 11 – 13) and beginnings of entry to the sky (Rev. 12. of Art. 12). The Messiah spiritual sky has been opened (Rev. 19. of Art. 11 – 13), it is meeting of the Lord on the cloud - on mental incorporeal forces. God is in mind (Rome. 1 of Art. 28). It means - Seal on the brows (Rev. 7. of Art. 3). The name of my God, of my God’s Town - New Jerusalem, which descends from God from the sky.
         God the Word is the name of my God, but not the Abraham’s God, God of Isaac, God of Jacob. "My God and My Lord" means New Testament in the depth of mind and heart. "As You are, Father, inside Me, and I am inside you, so let them to be inside Us as in one as well, – and world will believe that You sent Me» (John 17. of Art. 20 – 26).Candlemas of Lord – is a meeting of the Old Testament with the New one. This is Time of accepting an Gospel inheritance under the will of Jesus Christ - the Anointed Tsar Nicholas Alexandrovich. It means the end of the old world and earthly religions, and the beginning of a new world and heavenly religions. Alpha and Omega means - «I make all things new" (Revelation. 21. of Art. 5 – 6). It is necessary to accept Baptism by the Spirit and by  the Fire of God, in order to be a new Man. Who willbe baptized, this person will be saved, and if he willnot baptized, then will be convicted. The Old Adam is taken by the red soviet political - democratic priesthood into abyss of demonic force.
 It is necessary for first created humanity to be get rid of the trap of socialism and democracy, from earthy laws, in order to ascend to the performance of heavenly Laws in the world. Therefore the Savior commanded His disciples, when Gospel Lazarus resurrection, to untie Lazarus hands, feet and eyes,  in order to let his soul to see the heavenly laws and let her to be developed in demands of  Apocalyptic law.
         By the time flowing, based on the Gospel’s data, on the History of Christ the Savior – The JohnTheologian – is the Inheritor of earth’s Christ by Grace – of the Anointed Tsar Nicholas Alexandrovich. Genealogy of Christ’s Church is: Patriarch Tikhon and a royal priesthood of the house of Romanov – they are our "grandfathers". The Apostles of Catacomb Church – are the "fathers" of Grace. And now their "generation" – Childsof Apocalypses Church, who are restored from Life-giving Spirit. Church of Apocalypses – is a Root and descendant of David. The three world rotations of time were done on this Church. Three representatives are together in one heavenly Law: Patriarch Tikhon (representative of the first Persons of the Holy Trinity), Apostle Paul, who is the representative of Apostolic martyr Catacomb Church - (Second Persons of the Holy Trinity); and John Theologian – is representative of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. David’s Town is the Gospel, Revelation – is the New Jerusalem – is Ark of salvation for the soul. The Apocalypse Church explains the heavenly Law - how to be born from God, how to enter to the Town by Gates and be eligible for the Tree of Life. John the Theologian has the authority to open by Key the dungeon of the inner man and to free him from the hell, death and devil and to output the soul to the Light of the Gospel Truth. The David’s Key to the new being was given to Him – which is God the Word – the Paradise Key. And that is called: the name of Christ the Savior - the Word of the Almighty. Jesus - the Temple, Jesus is the Son of David, Jesus - the Word of indescribable (1 Cor. 2. of Art. 7 – 11).

         It is possible to understand the New Testament Law through the birth from Life-giving Spirit, Which comes through Messiah - The Teaching of the New Testament through the spiritual sermon. It is called as the "life and immortality through evangelism." The Savior explains the new form of repentance for the time - "Repent and believe to the Gospel " (Mark. 1. of Art. 15). There was repentance through the priest - to forgive sins. There was repentance of John the Baptist - "Bring forth worthy fetus of repentance" - the Apostolic catacomb martyr Church. And now is repentance in the Law of Revelation – Jesus told: "Repent and believe to the Gospel».
Good News – is that Archangel Gabriel was sent  to the Virgin Mary from God. And who is sent from God, whose person has power to bear: that is to transmit the Gospel Light for the soul. A royal priesthood broadcast legitimate Light – as a part, but the power to bear  Christ in the other man was not given to them. As The Virgin Mary said: "Behold the Lord's servant, and let it be to Me according to Your Word", - this meansthe conceptionof Christ from the Word, birth of the Gospel Light in the  human soul by Priest on the order of Melchizedek (Heb. 5. of Art. 5 – 6), but not through legitimate priestly ministry.

John The Theologian explains that "Man was sent from God." How to understand - Angel was sent to Virgin, and here is a Man? Explanation is next: at the time new Adam is born from the Rib of Christ the Savior, and he is  Shiningof Fame and image of Hypostasis, from heavenly Light – Beam from the Gospel Sun. And he is transmitting to others the birth from the spiritual Seed, Which is God the Word, – the Light from the Light, the Truth from the Truth. "The Sower came out to sow."

         Angels-ministers were before Christ the Savior: the priesthood of the Holy Spirit were before the Second Coming. They announced to the shepherds, they announced to the Magi not to return to the old Orthodox laws, which were crucified according to the Scriptures. There is no The Christ there, there is tsar Herod - literal human philosophical mind. He is the tsar in the human minds, which are moving according to the law of the constitution - the spiritual evolution book of the death. Lenin told that literal knowledge of Holy Scripture is their force and weapon, but there is not fulfillment of Holy Scripture demands. Demons believe and afraid, but not perform.
Why the Angel announced to Virgin Mary directly, but to Joseph in a dream? Now the entering into House of Light is explained through birth of God-the-Word Seed - entering into GospelunapproachableLight. Joseph (i.e. patriarchy) is still in a dream. There are next kinds of belief: sleeping, dozing, but just now - awake, a living faith. Living faith means, that you are now Light to the world, the  Christ becomes man inside you, i.e. the divine nature. And now you begin totake shapeinto a star of new third heaven. A new Iconostasis is forming from the people on the earth. Imprintedthe Imageof Christ the Savior creates in hearts according the time. (Image is Icon in Greek). And that is transferred from His Face: Light from the Light, the Truth from the Truth, that is  Shiningof Fame and image of Hypostasis (Eur. 1. of Art. 1 – 14). There are "seven lamps, seven horns, seven eyes, which are the seven God`s Spirits, sent into all the earth" (Revel. 5. art. 6 – 10) where Christ, God-the-Word goes among the Church of the His Body Temple."Because the Lord is always in His Church." Birth of the divine nature of Christ the Savior Rib takes place. This is already the heavenly religion, but not earthly (1 John. 5. of Art. 5 – 13). According to the time this is third phenomenon – the phenomenon of Christ the Savior on the sea of Tiberias. Here does not say that He is Infant. Forpastorsand teachersof the OrthodoxChurch the Virgin Marygave birth to the Infant wrapped in swaddling clothesand placed in manger – it means – He was placed in their feelings. Mother of Jesus with Apostles is in the House - it means - star in the hearts of Catacomb Church. And now - the Christ is already perfect and stands on the sea bank (i.e. the world). But it is dark for the world, because the world sleeps by  lethargic sleep of sin beneath management of spiritual leaders - leaders of blind. The Third phenomenon of Christ the Savior to His disciples means the perfect complete action of Christ in the man: "I'll come anddwellin you." He came to perform the Law, but not to violate it. Heavenly Law has come to fulfill the God`s promises, but not as offender of earthy religion’s laws of created humanity. This is the Law of rebirth into new creature in to Christ - i.e.  the new spiritual Adam.

Holy Mother of God, save us!

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